Wednesday, February 10, 2010

B-Aware Web site and City Leadership Series

In light of the recent break-in attempts nearby, Mary Lou Mitchell asked me to post a link to the B-Aware Bloomington Web site ( Mary Lou has found it very informative. The aim of the Web site is to provide information about criminal activity in Bloomington neighborhoods, and to provide information about how to stay safe.

Also, the City of Bloomington is sponsoring a "Neighborhood Leadership Series." This is a series of four free classes over the next few months. Session one is tomorrow night, Feb. 11, 2010. The title is "Leadership: Understanding Yourself and Others." Call Vickie Provine at HAND if you'd like to attend, (812) 349-3505.

The second class is April 8, on "The ABC's of Land Use." The third class is June 10, with a "Round Table Discussion with Proven Neighborhood Leaders in the Area of Land Use." Our own Jan Sorby will be one of the speakers at this event. Finally, on Nov. 4, the topic will be "The Law of the Land: Land Use Policy, the City Council and You."

Remember , the classes are free. They will be held in the City Council Chambers from 7-9pm.

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