Monday, November 7, 2011

Hearing tonight on Hillside/Henderson project

The initial hearing for the Hillside/Henderson project is tonight, in front of the Bloomington Plan Commission. The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers in the Showers building. The project is last on the agenda, with four other petitions before it.

Everyone is welcome to come, and to address the commission with support, questions or concerns.


BPNA meeting minutes 9/27

Bryan Park Neighborhood Association

September 27, 2011


The Bryan Park Neighborhood Association met at the Free Methodist Church in Bloomington, Indiana, on September 27, 2011. Mary Miller, BPNA president, presided over the meeting.

  1. Emergency Preparedness. James Stark from the Monroe County Red Cross made a presentation on emergency and disaster preparedness. Mr. Stark distributed materials from the Red Cross and highlighted that the 3 steps for preparedness are making a plan, keeping informed and preparing a supply kit.

  1. Storm Water Project Update. Mary Miller reported that new storm water pipes have been installed on Palmer and Davis Streets. The City is working on the swales on Dunn Street, but the digging has been slowed by limestone.

  1. Neighborhood Sale.Mary Miller thanked Melissa Banks for organizing the neighborhood sale on September 24th. The sale appeared to be a big success.

  1. Block Party Wrap-Up. Mary Miller thanked everyone who volunteered for the block party. She reminded anyone with outstanding receipts to turn them in to Mary Lou Mitchell for reimbursement. The neighbors discussed the party—it was well-attended, the food from Nick’s and Finch’s was excellent, and the entertainment was excellent as usual.

  1. Alley at 1106 S. Washington Street. Ian Woolen reported that the Traffic Commission denied his request to close the alley next to his house. He said that the mayor and the Public Works Department initially supported his petition, but changed their position before the hearing. Ian also reported that it is possible the Traffic Commission may reconsider the denial. He thanked BPNA for the letter of support with the Traffic Commission.

  1. Incident Report. Dick Mitchell reported that there have not been any reports of vandalism or thefts from cars since an arrest was made in the case. Mary Miller thanked the Bloomington Police Department for meeting with BPNA in August to discuss safety and awareness.

  1. Conservation District. Mary Miller reported that the group will meet soon to determine next steps for applying for conservation district status.

  1. BPNA t-shirts. Mary Lou Mitchell reported that BPNA has an abundance of t-shirts with the neighborhood logo. She suggested lowering the price to $10 (down from the current $15) as a way to sell more shirts. The members voted in favor of the lower price. Mary Miller suggested purchasing the border design on the t-shirts from Kim Ransdall (original electronic file and full use of design) for $125. The members voted against the purchase.

  1. Reimbursements. Treasurer Mary Lou Mitchell made a motion that reimbursement requests of over $100 be submitted to the association for a vote. The members approved the motion.

  1. Bryan Park Bridge Update. Mary Miller reported that the City will install the BPNA’s bridge in Bryan Park by the end of the year. The Parks Department has recently been working on the footings for the bridge.

  1. Semi-Trucks on Grimes. Tonia Matthews reported that more semi’s have been using Grimes Lane to make deliveries to the Carlisle factory. Grimes is marked as prohibited to semi-truck traffic. She suggested that BPNA write a letter to Carlisle alerting them to the problem.

  1. Other business. A representative of George and Pat Peffley reported that the will be seeking a variance for an addition to their house at 1301 S. Henderson Street. The contractor will post details regarding the variance request on the neighborhood list-serve.

  1. Next meeting. The next BPNA meeting is scheduled for October 25, 2011.