Monday, May 31, 2010

BPNA Stormwater Working Group (and found kittens)

BPNA Stormwater Working Group
As a first step in continuing our discussion of stormwater issues in the Bryan Park neighborhood, I've created a new Google group. This will be an opt-in group, so you'll need to join in order to participate. Unlike our BPNA blog, this group is open for members to add content directly. Once we get the group going, we can decide where to go with it.

To join, go to and follow the directions. Let me know if you have any problems with it.

From alyn soo (
Two kittens were found at the corner of Dodds Street and Palmer. The kittens are small, about 6 to 8 weeks old. Animal Control has been notified. If they belong to someone or someone would like to adopt please call: 219 229-0038.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Isabel Piedmont-Smith Constituent Meeting

Isabel Piedmont-Smith Constituent Meeting

Increasing Bloomington’s water rates and transferring ownership of the John Waldron Arts Center are just two of the topics city councilwoman Isabel Piedmont-Smith will discuss at her monthly constituent meeting.

The meeting will be at 11 a.m. Saturday, May 29, at Rachael’s Cafe. Free coffee will be offered. All city residents are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free plants

From Liz Brown:
Would you let our neighbors know that I am giving away perennial plants. My yard is full and plants need to be separated. It's a great opportunity for fellow gardeners to get healthy free plants.

I have a table in front of our house at 413 E Davis St. where anyone can take what they would like that I have already dug up. If you see me working in the yard and you have a shovel, I will be happy to share whatever anyone can dig and take home for their yards.

Happy spring planting!

BPNA April 2010 Meeting Minutes

Bryan Park Neighborhood Association

April 27, 2010


The Bryan Park Neighborhood Association met at the Free Methodist Church in Bloomington, Indiana, on April 27, 2010. Mary Miller, BPNA president, presided over the meeting.

Old Business

  1. Conservation District. Mary Miller reported that the survey of the houses in the Bryan Park neighborhood is on-going and there are no further developments on this issue.

  1. Neighborhood Leadership Series. Mary Miller reported that the City’s most recent session of the Leadership Series was held on April 8th. Mary attended the session, which was titled “The ABC’s of Land Use.” On the issue of zoning, Mary received an update from City Planning Director Tom Micuda regarding Dee’s Daycare. According to Mr. Micuda, the property owner has reduced the number of children receiving daycare services to the levels required by the BZA in 2007. The City verified the compliance through the granting of State licenses. In another 18 months, per the BZA decision, the daycare center operations on these properties will have to cease.

  1. Blog Statement. Mary Miller presented a statement for addition to the BPNA blog regarding postings to the blog. The language proposed by Mary is as follows: “The BPNA blog is meant for issues with direct connection to the Bryan Park Neighborhood. We honor requests as best we can, but reserve the option to not post a requested item. Please contact Mary or Jan if you want to discuss an item for posting.

  1. Block Captains. Mary Miller reported that several neighbors have volunteered to be block captains.

  1. Annual Block Party. Jon Lawrence reported that volunteers for the block party must complete a “volunteer commitment” form to turn into the City’s HAND department.

New Business

  1. Presentation from Pinestone Neighborhood Association. Sam Allison, treasurer of the Pinestone Neighborhood Association, announced that PNA is hosting an event at Bryan Park on June 5th. The event will include a clean-up and a picnic. PNA is inviting BPNA residents and Elm Heights residents to participate. He distributed an information sheet and stated that the event will begin at Noon at the park. Mary Miller will add the info regarding the event to the BPNA blog.

  1. Transitions Bloomington. Dave Parsons and Shodo Spring appeared on behalf of Transitions Bloomington. They explained that Transitions is an international movement to prepare communities for “peak oil” and work on lessening the impact with more local economy. They also discussed the ideas of rebuilding community resilience and self-reliance.

  1. Davis Street Gardens. Ria Collee reported that there are 25 plots in the Davis Street Gardens, each 10’x10’. She stated that the garden plots are free and the only requirement is that the “owner” maintains the plot. She also stated that the soil condition is greatly improved because of the mulch that was added from previous neighborhood clean-ups. Ten of the plots are currently available.

  1. Stop Light at Henderson and Atwater. Jan Sorby reported that she attended a meeting with City Planning officials regarding plans for a stoplight at the intersection of Henderson and Atwater Streets. Representatives from the Elm Heights Neighborhood Association also attended the meeting. Jan will show maps of the plan for the intersection at the next BPNA meeting.

Next meeting. The next BPNA meeting is scheduled for May 25, 2010.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

“Make a Splash” at the Library This Summer

Summer fun for children starts Tuesday, June 1, at Monroe County Public Library. That’s the first day to pick up summer reading guides to play the “Make a Splash” Summer Reading Game and win prizes. You can visit for reading activities and a list of all the library’s summer programs (or call 349-3100). It’s all free of charge. Last year 4,000 children participated in the Summer Reading Program, which has been shown to reduce or even eliminate the summer reading loss that can erode as much as 20% of a child’s reading ability.

Thank you for helping MCPL get the word out to your friends and neighbors with children to join the fun. The Summer Reading Program is completely funded by The Friends of the Library. There is more about the Friends at