Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Davis Street Gardens update - April 2011

It’s gardening time again and if you aspire to grow flowers but don’t have enough room or a sunny spot for them consider joining the Davis Street community gardens. The gardens are located on the north side of Davis Street, between Grant and Palmer. The garden consists of 25 plots of land, each 10 feet square. Residents of the Bryan Park Neighborhood can sign up for a free plot, or more, by contacting the Garden Coordinator Ria Collee. E-mail mcollee@indiana.edu, or by phone 336-2512.

The lots are numbered with the numbers painted on a stone that marks each lot. All of the plots have some sun, but the lots on the west side are sunnier than the lots towards the east, which have semi-shade at different times of the day. Currently, lots 8-9, 18-19, 21, 24-25 are available. The soil is in pretty good shape, plants and flowers have been doing well. There is mulch available on the east end of the gardens by the creek’s culvert. It came mostly from pine trees but has now aged for over a year and should no longer be too acidic. The full guidelines for the garden are available at: http://bryanpark.blogspot.com/2008/02/davis-street-garden-guidelines.html.

Please join us to make the gardens more beautiful than ever by adopting a plot this year.

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