Thursday, March 1, 2007

Davis Street Garden Guidelines

The Davis Street Garden is located on the north side of Davis Street between Grant and Palmer. The purpose of the Garden is first to beautify the neighborhood, and second to provide an opportunity for residents of the Bryan Park Neighborhood to experience gardening. It is divided into 25 allotments of 10 feet each as follows: sunny: lots #1-5, semi shade: lots #6-10,& 25, shady: lots #11-24. The allotments are available for cultivation on a first come first served basis to members of the Bryan Park Neighborhood Association, who help with communal gardening maintenance tasks, and who comply with the guidelines below. The allotments may be kept for a period of 3 calendar years. At the end of this time the allotment will be made available to the next neighbor on the list. At such time the gardener may re-enter their name on the wait list. A gardener may also choose to surrender their allotment ahead of schedule, or allow it to lapse into circulation due to non-maintenance. Requests for use should be made to the Garden Coordinator.

Guidelines for Maintenance
  1. The Davis Street Garden Guidelines may be further restricted by the guidelines specified in the City of Bloomington Unified Development Ordinance.
  2. A gardener may cultivate any plant that can be legally cultivated in the state of Indiana, and that has not been defined as an invasive species, or otherwise restricted by the UDO. A list of restricted plants may be found at chapter 20.05.058, Exhibit LA-B: Invasive Species, Species with Poor Characteristics, and Noxious or Detrimental Plants, at:
  3. Allotments must be kept mulched and weeded, and otherwise attractively maintained.
  4. The effect of overspray, or any other form of weed and insect suppression must be restricted to the gardener's allotment only.
  5. It is the responsibility of the gardener to bring her/his own water for irrigation.
  6. Plants may not create shade in other allotments, or obstruct sight lines needed by traffic or pedestrians. Plants in allotments 1-4 may not exceed 48".
  7. Gardeners under the age of 15 must be supervised by a parent, or guardian.
  8. Please bring suggestions for improvement, questions, and concerns about use to the Garden Coordinator (Ria Collee, 336-2512, or or BPNA President (Mary Miller,

rev. Jan. 27, 2010

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