Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meeting Agenda and Templeton Benefit This Wed., 8/25

We will have a meeting this Tues., Aug 25, from 7-8 pm, at the Free Methodist Church on the corner of Lincoln and Grimes. We often don’t have a meeting in Aug. because of the picnic. If you can make it, it should be pretty short. Be sure to check out the Templeton benefit at Nick’s English Hut this Wed., Aug. 26.

Templeton Playground Renovation Benefit at Nick’s this Wed., Aug. 26
Natalie Cabanaw has organized a benefit for the Templeton playground renovation. To have your bill count towards the fundraiser, go to the back dining room on the first floor of Nick's between 5:00-8:00 pm. Natalie and her co-workers are donating their tips to the cause. Nick's generously supported the annual block party this year by donating the burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs and fixings. Come on out to support a great local business, help our neighborhood school, and meet your neighbors.

Block Party
More than 200 people attended the party on Aug. 14. We had a wonderful meal, cold ice cream and dancing in the street with Craig Brenner and Friends. Thanks again to Raggs, Susan and Nick’s English Hut for their generous donation of food.

Pitch-in Dinner:
Jon Lawrence organized volunteers, got the tables and chairs, and took care of the grill.

Ice Cream Social:
We enjoyed ice cream thanks to Anne Hedin, Jan Sorby, and Edy's.

Food Drive:
Dee Hupp-Sanders got the refrigerated truck and organized the collection of 103 lbs. of food for Hoosier Hills Food Bank. Dee can always take donations of food. Call her 325-1024 for more information.

BPNA T-Shirts:
Joanne Henriot and Corrinne Carpenter led the t-shirt sales effort. We sold 51 shirts and will have 24 more available for purchase. We hoped to have them at the meeting, but they will be ready later in the week. We will deliver your shirts. After all expenses are paid (and once everyone has paid), our profit will be almost $500.

Membership report:
37 households signed up as new members. That is something like 56 new people. Welcome to everyone! 34 existing-member households paid their yearly $5 dues at the picnic.

Treasurer report:
Mary Lou Mitchell

Turn in any picnic receipts you still have, if you want to be reimbursed for any expenses.

Thanks to everyone for a fun and successful event!

Church on Washington St
Skip VanCel has purchased the chuch on S. Washington St. He lives in Miami, Fla., and has many family ties in the Monroe County area. He is looking forward to fixing up the exterior of the building. There are no zoning issues, since he bought it with the idea of renovating it as a residence. If a business comes forward and wants to rent the building, any relevant zoning issues will be addressed.

Feedback on New Email List
Questions, suggestions, problems?

Bump outs on Lincoln St.
Mulch added?

Welcome bag for new neighbors?
Member form, brochure, plus city welcome bags?

Incident Report
Regular monthly report from Dick and Mary Lou Mitchell, our Neighborhood Watch representatives.

Templeton Small and Simple Grant
For playground renovation at Templeton School.
Neighborhood association will sponsor? They hope to apply this fall.

Poop Tubes
Liz thanks neighbors for filling the “poop tubes” with plastic bags. She can always use more bags--the tubes at the park empty daily.

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