Thursday, June 4, 2009

Run for Office - Election June 23


I want to encourage you to consider running for office and helping keep the neighborhood voice strong. The offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary are open, and nominations are now being accepted. You can nominate yourself or someone else. The slate will be published June 17 and voted on at the regular meeting on June 23. Absentee ballots are also available; see below for the process.

Community building and managing how our neighborhood develops in critical to the quality of life for yourself, family and neighbors. Below are a few reasons to consider becoming involved.

• You can help establish better communication with your neighbors. Too often, people do not even know their neighbors. BPNA gives everyone something in common. Merely getting people introduced to their neighbors will affect improvements in untold ways.

• You can help work more effectively with municipal services. In the same way that the residents benefit by working together, BPNA provides a larger forum for communicating with city government to voice concerns and solve problems.

• You can create pride in your neighborhood. Creating pride is something so basic, yet so important. Neighborhoods can easily fall into disrepair and despair. However, when people care, you will be able to maintain and improve that place that you call home.

• You can help make your neighborhood a safer place. By working together, looking out for each other, and coordinating with your police officers, neighbors can help to create a safer, more secure environment in which to live.

· To be included on an absentee ballot please notify: President, Jan Sorby ( or Vice President, Scott O’Bryan ( by June 17th.

· Absentee ballots can be requested after the 17th and must be returned in person by the day of the meeting (June 23ed), to Scott O’Bryan, 1412 S Henderson St. or Jan Sorby, 525 E. Grimes Lane.

Jan Sorby

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