Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Inside the “poop bag party”

Fourteen BPNA neighbors met at the home of BPNA president Jan Sorby on June 10 to build custom-designed PVC dispensers of bags for dog waste. These will replace the home-made containers that Liz Brown had previously fashioned from milk jugs and stocked with bags, a contribution greatly appreciated by the majority of her neighbors whose yards are cleaner as a result.

As Dick Mitchell, Jon Lawrence, Jim Gronquist, and Matt Reeder cut and fitted the PVC, atrick Siney spray-painted the containers with a stenciled paw-print pattern from Sorby Design Studio. An assembly line of volunteers assisted in putting the dispensers together, and Corinne Carpenter and Tonia Matthews stuffed them with the first set of bags. Liz Brown will see to the installation of the spiffy new containers on street signposts, as approved by the Bloomington Utility Board.

BPNA invites everybody in the neighborhood to feel free to restock the nearby dispensers with plastic grocery bags. It gets them out of your way and keeps them out of the landfill.

A Small & Simple grant from the city funded the purchase of supplies, and volunteers supplied the matching labor value. BPNA is grateful to the city, and especially to City Councilman Tim Mayer, for getting behind this grassroots initiative for a cleaner neighborhood. It is truly an example of the BPNA motto, “You don’t need to move to live in a better neighborhood.”

Source: BPNA Newsletter, June 2008

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Anonymous said...

we need a bag dispenser at Wilson and Washington street. There use to be a plastic jug with bags in it and someone has taken it down.