Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Association News - Summer 2008

BPNA blogs. This spring, BPNA launched a blog to replace its former web site. Check it out at You’ll find news, announcements, updates on city plans for the neighborhood, even a sideshow of pictures taken at BPNA events. Want to publicize your garage sale? There is a section (called “Label” in blog-speak) just for that.

There were two main reasons for the change. First, the blog form is easy to keep up-to-date and organized. It supplements this newsletter, which will continue to be printed three times a year. More importantly, it gives everyone a chance to comment on and discuss issues important to the neighborhood. We can even gather input on controversial issues by posting a survey question for people to vote on online.

Isabel Piedmont, the representative for our district on the City Council, says that she reads the Bryan Park blog regularly to see what people are thinking about, so by adding your comments, you help get things done. Piedmont also posts notices of her monthly constituent meetings on the blog. Put your hands together for our responsive representative!

The blog is easy to use. Type the address,, into your browser and the most recently posted item shows up first, with older items in the same category appearing in reverse chronological order below it. To comment on an item, click on the comments link in the green bar beneath the item. Type your comment into the box that appears. Then type the letters that make up the Verification code into the next box (this prevents scammers from automatically posting Viagra ads to the site). Lastly, choose how you want to sign your comment. Tip: the “Anonymous” option does not require you to set up a password. Click Publish to post your comment or Preview to, umm, preview it.

If you want an item posted or need help with using the blog, contact the webmaster, Sarah Reeder, Mary Miller and Sarah Reeder led the effort to design and build the blog; Anne Hedin, Jim Gronquist, and Jon Lawrence assisted.

Election results are in. Jan Sorby beat out Barack Obama and John McCain. Just kidding, but Jan was again elected BPNA president. Congratulations to the three new officers: Vice President Scott O’Brien, Treasurer Mary Lou Mitchell, and Secretary Lillie Aydt. Heartfelt thanks to the outgoing officers, former VP Jeanette Richart and former Treasurer Jennie Bauer for three and eight years of service respectively.

Source: BPNA Newsletter, June 2008

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