Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hearing - Rental property at 805 E. Hillside Dr

This is a reminder about the up-coming hearing for a variance to allow 2 rentals on 1 property in our neighborhood. I have included a brief summary of the details. It is an extremely bad idea to allow 2 rentals on 1 property and if this is allowed at one location in our neighborhood, it could open the flood gates for the rest of our neighborhood. This case is third on the tentative agenda.

There will be a follow-up meeting with the Plan Commission on June 26. Scott (our new VP) will be sending out a reminder notice, but do mark your calendars. We need to have a presence at the meetings to ensure the desires of the neighborhood are represented. I will NOT be able to attend the Plan Commission meeting!!!

Jan Sorby
Bryan Park Neighborhood

June 26, 2008 at 5:30 p.m.
UV-19-08 Tim Treahy 805 E. Hillside Dr.Request: Use variance to allow 2-units on a single-family lot.
Jan’s summary:
Rental House at 805 Hillside seeks support for 2 rentals on 1 property: Timothy Treahy (an out of town landlord) is requesting a variance from the City to allow 2 rentals on 1 property. Mr. Treahy owns multiple rentals in Bloomington. This single-family bungalow with detached garage apartment was purchased in 2005 for $124,000. Mr. Treahy was told by the seller that both the house and garage apartment had valid permits. He did not check with the city. He is now saying it is a hardship to not have the double income from this property. This property is now assessed at $198,200. He has suggested that if he does not get the variance he will break the property into two separate lots. However this would create a “land locked” parcel of land which is against code.

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