Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BPNA meeting tonight, Tues. 11/30

Our rescheduled monthly meeting will be tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 30. As usual,
we'll meet at 7:00p.m. at the Free Methodist Church on the corner of Grimes and
S. Lincoln.


Bring a can of food tonight!
To express our gratitude to the Free Methodist Church for providing our meeting
space, please bring a can of food to add to the church's food drive.

Neighborhood Improvement Grant
Update on grant our proposal. We delivered the grant application on Nov. 5, and
will do a presentation for the grant committee next week. The grant will be for
several improvements in Bryan Park: a bridge across the creek where a rocky path
is currently used, and a kiosk near the playground for park announcement and
neighborhood news.

T-shirts and Chef's Aprons
I'll bring several of the items we had printed for BPNA this summer, if you'd
like to purchase one for yourself or as an early Christmas gift! T-shirts and
aprons are $15 each.

Conservation District Update
The Historic Commission plans to vote on the recent survey that was done for the
Bryan Park neighborhood. The vote will be on Dec. 9, at 4pm in the Showers
building. You are welcome to attend the meeting.

Cat Bells
Tonia Matthews has cat bells for anyone who would like one. The bells are free
for the asking. This is in response to a previous item about cats going after
birds in our neighborhood.

Proposal to open Google email list
Any comments on the new email list policy?

Incident Report
Regular monthly report from Dick and Mary Lou Mitchell, our Neighborhood Watch

Stormwater Runoff
Go to http://groups.google.com/group/bpna-stormwater-working-group to join or
follow the discussion.

Conservation District
Go to http://groups.google.com/group/bpna-conservation-district-working-group to
join or follow the discussion.

Please email me at mpm_mil...@yahoo.com if you'd like to add anything to the

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