Thursday, September 23, 2010

Possible con artist going door-to-door

From Jan Sorby:
About 3 Sundays ago this happened to me on Grimes (just off of Henderson).
The guy said his car broke down by Templeton and when he went to call for
help the police had towed his car without first asking him and he had no
money to get his car.

Elm Heights residents respond:
Yes, he came by our house (University between Park and Fess) on Sunday
morning. Similar story, raising similar skepticism.

> A similar guy came to my place (near Park and 1st) on Sunday afternoon.
> He too asked for directions to High St., needed to get to the ECC
> church, had a car problem, said he had a job at XYZ (I forget the
> actual initials for what is a company in town) Electronics. At a
> certain point it did seem improbable---too much detail, which made it
> seem less probably and rehearsed.

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