Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Historic Commission Meeting, Rain Barrel Workshop, June 2010 Newsletter

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting
The Bryan Park Survey is again on the agenda at this Thursday's meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission. The meeting is at 4:00 PM on Thursday, July 8, in the McCloskey Room in the Showers (City Hall) Building. This is a continuation of the discussion from last month's meeting, and involves our possible decision to apply for Conservation District status. All are welcome to attend.

From Ria Collee:
Rain Barrel Workshop is this Sat. at Karst Farm Park. Some people in the neighborhood were interested in getting a rainbarrel. These are really cheap since we got them from the Coca-Cola Co. The charge is for the pieces and parts to retrofit them from food grade barrels to rainbarrels and some for the time spent putting them together. Here is the flyer for the event.

June 2010 Newsletter
Thanks to everyone who did such a great job on this month's newsletter. Special thanks to Anne Hedin, Jan Sorby, and Mary Lou Mitchell. Thanks also to the volunteers who deliver the newsletter throughout the neighborhood.

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