Monday, July 27, 2009

Agenda for Tuesday 7/28 meeting

Our regular meeting will be Tuesday, July 28, from 7-8 p.m., at the Free Methodist Church (corner of Grimes and Lincoln). Please let me know ( if you want to add anything to the agenda. A presentation by Ellen Jacquart, founder of Monroe County Identify and Reduce Invasive Species (MC-IRIS) will be rescheduled. She will talk about a re-naturalization project in Bryan Park at an upcoming meeting.

Old Business

1. Weeds: Weeds and standing water in Davis ditch. City decision about maintenance.
2. Poop Tubes: If you have any plastic bags to spare, bring them to the meeting! Liz thanks neighbors for filling the tubes and can always use more bags--the tubes at the park empty daily.
3. Fall Picnic: Update on plans (t-shirts, volunteers, food drive, membership dues, ice cream).

New Business

1. Incident Report: As a new regular meeting feature, our Neighborhood Watch contacts Dick and Mary Lou Mitchell will briefly describe incidents reported this month.
2. New Email List: Questions?
3. City Business: Henderson sidewalk update, city news from Isabel Piedmont-Smith.
4. Templeton Benefit at Nick’s: Natalie Cabanaw has offered to sponsor a benefit at Nick’s for the Templeton Playground renovation.
5. Call for Volunteers: Volunteer for BPNA projects.


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