Friday, January 30, 2009

Trees for Templeton - Deadline Monday, 2/2/2009

Templeton School is applying for an Urban Forestry Grant from the Department of Natural Resources to create a "living fence" between the playground and Hillside Ave. Students and families will assist a contractor in planting the trees by the playground, reducing air and noise pollution. A variety of trees will also be planted to provide needed shade by parking lots and plyground areas, reducing temperatures, absorbing pollutants, providing shade and protecting wildlife.

Support from individuals and community groups is requested to increase the application's chance of success. A short form (takes less than 5 minutes to fill out) is available to register your support, but it must be completed and returned by MONDAY, 2/2. Leave a comment requesting a form (let us know how to contact you) or contact Sally Jones (322-5548). Completed forms can be dropped of at the school; also Sally Jones has offered to pick them up, by arrangement.

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