Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Agenda for May 2008

Bryan Park Neighborhood Association

Meeting Agenda

May 20, 2008

Free Methodist Church

7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Call to Order, Introductions and sign up sheet
Old Business
1. Urban tree program (with SPEA) update?: Steve Forrest
2. Get approval of decal for dog dispensers: Set date for construction party
3. Urban Dog Park update: Sarah Reeder/Jon Lawrence and any other people from “Dog Friendly

4. Blooming’ Neighborhoods, June 7th: sign up sheet for 2 people each for ½ hour periods. (You can do more than 1 period!)

New Business
  1. Rental House at 805 Hillside seeks support for 2 rentals on 1 property: Bob Laggard representing out of town owner, Timothy Treaty. Pat Shay representing the City of Bloomington’s position against the variance.

    Timothy Treahy is requesting a variance from the City to allow 2 rentals on 1 property. Mr. Treahy owns multiple rentals in Bloomington. The property manager asked to be put on the agenda per Mr. Treahy’s request. The single-family bungalow with detached garage apartment was purchased in 2005 for $124,000. He was told by the seller that both the house and garage apartment had valid permits. He did not check with the city. He is saying it is a hardship to not have the double income from this property. This property is now assessed at $198,200. He has suggested that if he does not get the variance he will break the property into two separate lots. The City will not allow this single lot to be re-platted to two lots.
  2. Restoration Project Planning: How to Identify and Prioritize what Needs Attention,

    May 31, 10-11:30. Call Steve Wyatt at Bloomington Restorations, Inc. 336-0909
    Instructor: Duncan Campbell, Interim Director, Center for Historic Preservation, College of Architecture, Ball State University
    Cost $14 (in city) $16 (out of town)
  3. Ways to improve our neighborhood???? Strengths/weaknesses, goals, needs?


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