Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pedestrian crossing proposal: comments wanted

Hi Neighbors,

I am including a drawing of the proposed pedestrian crossing at Henderson and Allen Streets. I need to gather feedback to submit to Justin Wyckoff by next week, May 6th. The more in-put we gather is better. This pedestrian crossing will be installed when Parks and Recreation re-aligns Bryan Park parking lot entrance with Allen Street, hopefully this spring. We hope to see the crossing with vegetation, which neighbors have said they will tend.

The idea is to give pedestrians a safe crossing to the park and sidewalks. The Traffic Commission supported our request for a pedestrian crossing with a stop sign, but also wanted to slow traffic on Henderson. Justin Wyckoff did a traffic study at the intersection which showed speeds as high as 57 MPH in this school/park zone. The Traffic Commission was so shocked at the horrendous speeds they requested Justin to come up with something different than just a stop sign. The drawing above is the results.

Jan Sorby


Bryan Park Neighborhood Association

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Sarah said...

It looks like the traffic on Henderson won't have to stop. If traffic is really going to slow down, like to 5mph, at this location I guess it's okay, but I'd think stopping Henderson traffic completely would be safer.