Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Fowl Resolution

Resolution in support of allowing citizens of the City of Bloomington to keep chickens and ducks as pets in residential areas - March 23, 2004

The keeping of fowl as pets in the Bryan Park neighborhood has become an issue because Judy Sylvester, a neighbor, has been keeping pet chickens and ducks off and on for several years in violation of the City current zoning ordinance.

It is the understanding of the neighborhood that the current ordinance considers fowl such as chickens and ducks to be livestock and makes no provision for the keeping of such animals as pets.

The Bryan Park Neighborhood Association has discussed this issue at a regular meeting of the neighborhood and found that the current practice is quite acceptable to the neighbors. In fact, many neighbors consider the keeping of a few chickens and ducks to be a positive benefit to the neighborhood. Many parents enjoy pointing out the chickens and ducks to their children as they walk in the neighborhood.

Therefore, the Bryan Park Neighborhood Association supports Judy Sylvester’s appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals for a variance to keep chickens and ducks on her property. It also urges the City Council to amend the current zoning ordinance which by defining fowl as livestock prohibits their possession in the city. The Neighborhood endorses amending this ordinance to permit small numbers of chickens and ducks to be kept as pets on properties within the city of Bloomington.

Adopted by unanimous vote of members present.

March 23, 2004
Secretary: Jacqui Bauer

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